St James' Church

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Situated at 1 Leedon Road, St James’ Church (SJC) is a place where many call their Home. From humble beginnings, SJC has flourished into a vibrant community, guided by inclusivity, intergenerational bonds, and intentional discipleship. As a church without walls, SJC believes that everyone matters and strives for everyone to be discipled.

Like the Tamarisk Tree which Abraham planted to provide shade for generations to come (Genesis 21:33), SJC hopes that through discipling the current generation, it will bless the generations to come. 


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Prayer Pointers for St James' Church:

1) For every St Jamer to prepare their hearts as they seek God for the vision for St James’ Church 50th Anniversary (SJC50) in 2027

2) Development of a vibrant seniors’ ministry

3) Engagement of young people for leadership renewal and participation

4) Revamping of preschool chaplaincy from kindergarten to childcare

5) For the Chinese Congregation to be united as one body and to adopt a true disciple’s heart, mind and soul to fulfill God’s Great Commandment and Commission

About St James’ Church

Parish of the Week Run to St James’ Church

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