SAMH-SACS Sunday 2024

The Diocese of Singapore has designated 12th May 2024 as the annual SAMH-SACS Sunday. We give thanks to God for our ministry of reaching out to the community to bring healing and relief of suffering.

As we commemorate the work of SAMH & SACS, let us pray for:

  1. The patients, residents, students, and clients under the care of SAMH-SACS, as well as their family members.
  2. Staff and volunteers to draw closer to God as the source and inspiration for our work and our lives.
  3. The Boards, Management Committees, executives and professional caregivers to have the wisdom, skills, grace and compassion to manage and deliver high quality services for those in need.
  4. Generous support regardless of amount from individuals, churches and corporate donors in our efforts to raise the required funds for our work.
  5. The Chaplaincy Teams (chaplains and volunteers/befrienders) to provide spiritual support and pastoral care to staff, patients, residents, students, clients and volunteers.
  6. Members of each parish in our Diocese will find meaningful and creative ways to support SAMH-SACS in prayer, in encouragement, in giving and in volunteer service.

If you would like to contribute financially to the work of SAMH-SACS, please download this brochure to find out how you can give.