SERVE 2022

SERVE 2022 Cohort

Back Row (L-R): Javier, Ryan, Thaddaeus, Seth, David, Justin, Choon Yong, Joshua, Matthew.

Front Row (L-R): Esther, Nicole, Lindy, Eunice, Emma

One of the annual highlights of the Diocesan Youth Board (DYB), SERVE 2022, concluded on 4th March 2022. Despite the restrictions faced due to Covid-19, the staff team was grateful to God for seeing the cohort through.


By faith, adapting to the new normal, the team planned and executed the eight-week programme, consisting of daily lessons in the morning and various activities such as group discussions, reading and one-to-one mentoring sessions in the afternoons.


Matthew, from St James’ Church, shared, ‘The past 2 months of attending SERVE has been nothing short of rewarding. I have gleaned much insight and took home new lessons. Learning more about the Bible and its truths has helped to rekindle the passion I had lost during the preparation of my A’ level examinations. Furthermore, being surrounded by a community with such a deep hunger to learn more about him and study his word was truly inspirational. These are the two aspects that have made my SERVE experience truly unforgettable – the sharing and the people.’


One of SERVE’s highlights is community living, Emma, from Church of the Ascension, shared ‘Psalm 84 talks about how wonderful being in the house of God is. As I spent time in the presence of God and of my fellow believers for 2 months during SERVE, my spiritual life was enriched and I felt very fulfilled during this time, because of the friends that I have made and the sessions from which I have learnt much. I am so blessed to have met all the friends that I have made during this time. Although I was intimidated by the lack of familiar faces at the start of the program, I began to love their kindness and openness as time went on. Their fun and charming personalities made SERVE very enjoyable. Furthermore, during the group discussions and devotions, their diverse perspectives and experiences allowed me to widen my horizons and gain new insight into the various issues in society, and was encouraged and inspired by their passion for God.’

Many youths were impacted by the programme and the community. It is a space where like-minded youths come together to learn from session speakers and one another. ‘All in all, Serve was one of the most impactful Christian programs that I have ever attended. It was one that focused on teaching us more about God, and what it meant to be His child.’ Said Seth, from Marine Parade Christian Centre.