Parish of the Week

Parish of the Week is a 2-year campaign (2023-2024) where one parish is featured per week. During the featured week, there will be videos to introduce the parish, a clergy-led run to the parish, diocese-wide prayer for the parish and a whole lot of buzz on social media for this one featured parish.

Click to find out more information about Parish of the Week.

DYB Youth Prayer Night 2023

Holding Nothing Back

Revival happens when young people seek the God of Revivals. Don’t just wish for revival to happen in Singapore (again), but make it happen by coming together, and hold nothing back for Christ!

Find a Church

New here and would like to find an Anglican Church to worship? The Diocese of Singapore has 27 churches located at different parts of Singapore. Click to find out more about our churches.

Cycle of Prayer

Let us unite our hearts to intercede for the diocese! The Cycle of Prayer includes a list of parishes, deaneries and other diocesan affiliated entities to pray for each day!

Legacy Giving

How do we make the earthly possessions we cannot keep bear heavenly treasures we cannot lose? While we are alive, consider making a decision to leave a legacy to advance the ministry of Gospel.

Diocesan Digest

The Diocesan Digest is a semi-annual publication of The Diocese of Singapore. Click to read about some of the key events that happened within the diocese in the recent months!