Theological Training

St Peter’s Hall is the home of all training for The Diocese of Singapore. It provides training for the lay people and those in-service.

St Peter’s Hall (SPH) was started by the diocese in 1954 as a residential hall for the training of persons preparing to serve in the church. It was from the beginning closely associated with Trinity Theological College and complemented TTC’s general seminary education with contextualized spiritual formation for full-time Anglican ministry. Up till last year, this continued to be the main role and function of SPH.


A major shift was instituted by Archbishop Titus in 2021 when he saw fit to combine the Warden of St Peter’s Hall role with another role – the Director of Training. This brought about a radical new scope for SPH’s ministry: to now be the home and headquarters of all training for the diocese. This represented not just an expansion, but an explosion in the size and complexity of the mandate given to SPH!


The Theological Education Board (TEB), which has always been chaired by the Bishop, is the body that provides oversight to all training and discipleship in the Diocese. It now uses SPH as its executive arm to provide the platform and channel for training, with the TEB itself handling governance and directional decisions.


To have a meaningful way of dividing up the diverse training needs of the diocese into manageable groups, TEB decided to broadly categorise training needs into Lay Training and In-Service Training. SPH has also created 6 new Schools, each offering training at 6 different levels (3 for Lay and 3 for In-service).


For a clearer sense of the training plans of the diocese, do visit the St Peter’s Hall website and view the welcome videos by Bishop Titus and the Warden of SPH.