Morning office 2021

7.30 am (Mon to Fri)
via Zoom or YouTube

The Daily Office follows a rhythm of life that has been established by God from the beginning. For each day of creation, there was evening and there was morning. The Jews too had a daily rhythm of sacrifice in the morning and twilight (Exo 29:38-39).

The early Christians adopted this liturgical practise of Morning and Evening prayers. Evening prayer became symbolic of the death of Christ and the darkness of sin. Morning Prayer became symbolic of the resurrection of Christ and new life.

Thomas Cranmer reaffirmed this practice for the Church of England and incorporated continuous set readings from the Old and New Testaments to help us hear God’s word each day. Scriptural prayers were also said which helps us respond as God’s people appropriately.

As we pray the Daily Office together, we are reminded that we are not alone but part of the “whole company of heaven” who bring praises to God each day! So please do join in each day in the Daily Office!

Morning Office
7.30 - 7.50 am (Mon - Fri)
The link will go live at 7.25 am.

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If you are unable to view the YouTube live stream, do join in via Zoom.

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