Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church has a long history that goes back to 1902 when the missionaries from St Andrew's Church Mission ministered to the Foochow and Hokkien-speaking people. The services were held at St Peter's Church located at Stamford Road then. The Foochow congregation was granted Parish status in 1958, making them the first Chinese Church to become a parish in The Diocese of Singapore and Malaya. 

The church building has a unique Chinese architecture which has been classified as a conservation site and has been included in the Jalan Besar Heritage Trail.  

Through the years the parish has evolved to become a church with English and Mandarin congregations. 

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Prayer Pointers for Holy Trinity Church:

1) Committed Leaders

- Leaders to commit themselves in serving the Lord with their gifts and talents

2) Effective sharing of the gospel

- Members to be able to share the gospel effectively in the various outreach efforts, bringing more people to the Kingdom of God

3) Spiritual Revival

- Pray that the parish will experience renewal and will continue to further advance the Kingdom of God

About Holy Trinity Church

Parish of the Week Run to Holy Trinity Church

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